Helping your kid stay calm during class 11: As told by experts at one of the best cbse schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th

Last two years of school life are also the most crucial one for a student. Not only are

they stressed about the upcoming board exams, but are also anxious about finally

entering the real world. This coupled with the physical and psychological changes that

they’re going through because of adolescence causes their mental pressure to

skyrocket. Facilitators and counsellors at ODM Public School, one of the best cbse

schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th have curated a list for parents which can help them

provide a stress free environment to their children at home:

1. First and foremost would be letting the child choose the stream of his choice. If

he or she asserts that she wants to take a particular stream then that means

he/she is passionate about it and is willing to study it. Unnecessarily forcing your

child to study a particular subject will only cause him discomfort. If your child is

unsure about what he wants to pursue then taking him to the school counsellor

and making him talk to his seniors would be a great option.

2. It is your duty to take care of their nutrition and diet. A balanced diet is known to

help reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure that your child is getting ample

nutrition at both school and home and isn’t catching any bad habits as children

tend to during this age. Ample amount of sleep and frequent naps are also just

as important as a balanced diet.

3. It’s important to find a blend of recreations and strategic studying. Help them

make a timetable that they stick to and make sure that it includes activities that

they love doing and not just studying. Remember, board exams are still two

years away!

4. Play down the significance of these two years! While it is important to perform

well during these years, but putting this in the child’s head all the time will only

bog them down.

5. Always make sure that you are present for them whenever they need you, both

as a friend and as a parent. Don’t be interfering and give them space at the same


Remember, this is the most crucial period of their teenage life and they will seek you for

love and support. It is your duty to be loving and caring, and to make them feel safe.


Parents decide the dynamics of household life and you should strive to provide them a

stress free and vibrant environment for their better future. We at ODM also make sure

sure that our students are under zero stress and are taught academic concepts with

ease and fun. Visit to know more about one of the best CBSE schools

in Bhubaneswar for 11th and 12th!

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With class 11, your child enters one of the most important years of his schooling life.

Know how you can help your child stay calm and create a vibrant environment for him

during the period from of the best schools in the city.