Board exams are generally called the season of stress and panic attacks because of

seriously students take them. While it is important for students to perform well in them

since it shapes your career, it should be understood that stress and anxiety do no good.

Sincere effort in studies which are strategically managed can help you score better than

hours of unplanned studies under stress. Counsellors and teachers at ODM public

school, the best CBSE school in Bhubaneswar would like to share a few tips with

students that can help them excel during their board examinations:

? Study efficiently

Create an efficient study plan that covers all your syllabus at least twice with at

least two rounds of revisions. Make sure that you create both long term and short

term plans. Slotting your study time according to your needs and preferences.

Remember, only you know your strengths and weaknesses, so study


? Study Groups

Studying with friends can prove to be more useful than studying with tutors since

you will be more relaxed and stress-free and can ask your doubts unhesitantly.

Set goals with them and test each other at frequent intervals. Ask contact a

teacher or tutor if none of your friends can clear your doubts.

? Clear & Crisp Notes

Make sure that you’ve maintained tidy notes all through the academic year, that

are concise, and contain all the important equations and formulas. Inculcating

flowcharts and diagrams can help you revise your concept better, so make sure

your notes are as reader-friendly as possible.

? Take mock tests

Solving previous year question papers and sample/practice papers will not only

tell you about where you academically stand but will also make you aware of the

important question that frequently appears in the examination. Taking a test within

the exam time limit will also make you more confident of your writing speed.

? Be Sincere

Students underestimate the importance of sincerity. Little things like following a

balanced diet, taking proper sleep, following a timetable, keeping your room

organised can help you study efficiently and keep you stress-free.


We hope that these tips help you achieve the score you’re aiming for. Remember,

planning is not equivalent to anything unless you implement it. Good luck!