Online Hobby Classes for Standard I-IX at ODM Public School, Odisha

Online Hobby Classes for Standard I-IX at ODM Public School, Odisha

Coronavirus has left the world on its own. The impacts of this novel virus are deadly. With over 5 million people affected by the disease, there is nothing more important for the governments but to secure their people and protect them from COVID-19. One of the measures to protect the people is to shut schools, colleges, and all the educational institutions across the world- as these institutions could act as a Coronavirus protection hub. But, education cannot stop! Students must not stop to learn and grow and or develop a habit as they progress in their future. 

This time at home for the children must be utilized, and to ensure that ODM Public School - best school in Odisha, has started offering online hobby classes to all its students in standard 1st till 9th. The school is dedicatedly working towards curating programs and activities that can keep children engaged and occupied into developing good habits instead of spending this precious time into nuisance activities. Here are some online hobby classes that the students of Class I-IX can participate in:

• Cooking Classes: This is one of the best times to learn the art of cooking as the children are spending a lot of their time with their parents. Students can take up cooking classes and bond with their parents over baking a cake or while learning to make pasta by themselves. Though younger students cannot participate in this directly, but their parents can participate in cooking sessions with them and just spend some quality time together while cooking.

• Dance Classes: Dance is a form of expression and many students love to dance but cannot express, and further when they are in school they shy away from the art even with the thought of practicing some dance moves in front of other people. As the students are confined to their homes, ODM Public School- the top CBSE School in Bhubaneswar brings to the students the opportunity to learn to express their thoughts through dancing at the comfort of their home without being affected by others’ opinions.
• Art & Craft Classes: Colours fill up our life. Anyone and everyone love to paint, draw and fill figures with random colours. During this lockdown, the best English medium school in Bhubaneswar is offering special art and craft hobby classes for the children of standard I-IX to help them develop and enhance their creative side and become better artists in life. The art class with further teach students the value and importance of every colour in life while teaching them to be patient to reach the ultimate goal.

• Music Classes: Anyone who can sing, play a chord or drum a beat has something special in them. One of the boarding schools in Bhubaneswar, ODM Public School is giving online music hobby classes to all its students are interested. Music can be a little tricky thing to learn online, but with the right dedication and efforts, the music teachers and students can work in close association and create something very wonderful and very musical.