How to overcome competitive exams fear?

How to overcome competitive exams fear?

In India, the education system creates a different environment during the exams for parents and children. Sooner or later, the students have to face this event called exam fear. Every Students and parents are under deep stress because of the growing competition. Peer pressure, societal pressure, and school pressure, as to prove “which is the best school in Odisha?” are the main reasons that the students face. Schools put extra classes for the extra preparation of children which hampers the performance of students. The fear of the exam results in anxiety and unnecessary stress.

After the 10th or 12 class board exams, the exam fear again rises because students start preparing for the competitive exams, which is the door to admission in various colleges. ODM Public school, Bhubaneswar guides the students and parents by organizing seminars in which guests are invited to explain the college admission processes. Many students have complained about forgetting the answers to questions during the examination. Parents should help the child arrange his/her day by making a time-table, it will channelize the child’s study schedule. Thorough revisions and tests at home will make the child confident and let him/her know the areas you need to work upon.

ODM Public school, Bhubaneswar had the responsibility to guide the students to overcome the exam fear. The best solution to this prevalent issue is that the child should maintain calm and peace and should invest time in meditating regularly to relax his/her mind. Here are some tips and tricks that the child can use to overcome fear and reduce anxiety:

Start Studying Early

Starting the studies earlier makes the study portion easier for the students. They can answer their questions without any stress. As practice makes the understanding better, it is advised to start early which will help avoid the last-minute panic of revising all the syllabus.

Make a Timetable

There are many subjects that one needs to put extra time on. To get through with every subject, one needs to create a timetable through which equal time should be devoted to all subjects.

Fix Goals for the Day

Without goals, there is no other way to achieve anything in life. Fix some part of the syllabus for the particular day and achieve it. Finish the goal before going to bed anyhow.

Do not forget to take short naps

Continuous studying makes mind tiring. Students are advised to reduce to take short naps in between studies. This refreshes the mind and energizes the body to study energetically.

Practise Meditation and Exercise

If the child is feeling unprepared even after enough preparation and still cannot overcome the fear and anxiety, try meditating. It would bring the mind to focus and will remove unwanted thoughts from the mind. Performing this exercise for 10-15 minutes would be enough for the day.

Have a Balanced Diet  

Students should consume healthy food at the right time. Not doing so, will result in deprivation of vital nutrients in the brain. Hence, proper intake of essential nutrients. i.e. proteins and carbohydrates is important and is recommended.


Do not forget to breathe in stressful situations, as it will help the student in lowering down the tension levels and heartbeat. This process helps in shutting out all the thoughts and helps concentrating on rhythmic in and outflow of air. This technique can be used during the exam when the child feels confused or too much stress.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneshwar, ODM  we recommend every student to start preparing for their competitive exams just right after the board exams end. The students should make an attempt to revise during the days closer to exams. If the child still feels that there is something bothering his/her mind, he/she should seek help from their parents or teachers. They are the best counselors. Staying positive about the exams is the foremost factor for any student appearing for the exam. Saying to oneself that they’ll pass the exam will bring positive results.