Language Development In Children for Fast Thinking

Language Development In Children for Fast Thinking

ODM Public School says that language development in children speeds up their thought process as adults. To understand the importance first, know what is language.


What is language?

Language is the relationship between understanding and the standards set by the society. It is putting words together in a sentence that shows understanding of the meaning behind words when used. Each human communicate commands, directions and information through language.

Language development in children is done through constant communication with parents, teachers, other adults and children around them at ODM Public school, Bhubaneswar.  It is how a person learns to interact with others throughout their life.

Language development is an inbuilt skill that needs to be constantly upgraded in kids say ODM boarding school, in Bhubaneswar. A baby starts to react and recognize the sound of his/ her name and words being spoken to him/her as early as 12 months. By the age of five years, a child understands the concept of opposites in language. He/ She even starts to speak about nine words a sentence.

A major portion of developing language is done by simply constantly communicating with the child.

While constantly communicating, a parent needs to consider the following-

?        A child may develop language skills at a different speed than other children depending on his/her innate capability.

?        Language development difficulty can be spotted in a child as early as 18 to 24 months of age.

?       The child has language development the difficulty, if she/he cannot follow basic commands or cannot vocally,   speak words by 2 years of age.

?        A child might have undiagnosed hearing problems that might impact language development.

?        There might be delays in expressive and receptive cognition of the child.

?        Speech pathologists can work with the child to communicate better.


6 Tips To Promote Language and Communication Skills in Kids of all Ages




  1. Get chatty with your child.

?        Do this by constantly engaging in conversation with the child.

?        Do this because then the child will talk to you as well and communicate better.


  1. Be a commentator to your child.

?        Do by giving descriptions of objects, activities, emotions, and events.

?        Do this because it will expand the child's capabilities to notice what is happening around him/ her and will develop the cognitive ability in the child.

  1. Mix up language with the child.

?        Do this by using different types of words and grammar.

?        Do this because the child will be able to understand spoken grammar and will be quick to frame sentences.


  1. Label it for the child.

?        Do this by providing children with the names of objects or actions.

?        Do this because this will improve the vocabulary of the child with recognition of the object/ action.


  1. Tune in with the child.

?        Do this by engaging in activities/ objects that interest the child.

?        Do this because then your child will become receptive towards you. He/ She will understand you better when you converse with them on topics of their interests.


  1. Read interactively with your child.

?        Do this by using books/ newspapers to engage children's participation.

?        Do this because it will increase the information stored in your child's brain and also, increase their knowledge and vocal skills.



The top schools in Bhubaneswar believe that children who develop strong language recognition and communication early, tend to arrive at school more likely to learn and have better achievements throughout their education.