Competition is a social process. How a child interprets competition depends on the social, emotional and mental changes that they might be going through. Competition provides feedback that we can evaluate in terms of behavioural, psychological, social outcomes and can offer a rich learning environment for kids to express and develop physical skills and personal attributes. CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar keep these things in mind while aiming to provide the best educational services to students.

Academic authorities, parents and guardians should keep these things in mind -

  • Motivation over stress – Most of the times parents pressurize their children rather than motivating them. Due to the pressure build-up, the performance of the child suffers, eventually. The approach of motivating them to do better is better rather than put them under pressure. Think about it this way - wouldn’t you like it if someone was boosting your confidence, and pushing you to be better, rather than belittling you by pointing out your flaws. ODM Public School aims at providing emotional aid to students, which makes it the top CBSE school in Bhubaneswar.

  • Be prepared for disappointment -  Losing isn’t easy! They will likely feel disappointed when they don’t win sometimes, and so will you. Unless you want them to be a winner every time! Losing also teaches a lot, in its harsh ways. You should always be prepared for disappointment and should prepare your child for the same. It is advised to motivate them to give in their best, and not worry about winning or losing!

  • Healthy competition in schools develops valuable skills - When children face competitive activities at school, they not only gain individual skills, like resilience and motivation but also build on important interpersonal skills. Competitive activities genuinely help students in seeing things from others’ point of view, allow others to have their chance and build a strong character, even in cases of failure. These are skills that help prepare students for the life ahead and hence are practised at ODM Public School, the top CBSE school in Bhubaneswar. It grooms them for the workplace and personal spaces later in life.

  • Healthy competition is a way to go – It is important to keep in mind that many different forms of competitions can occur. Regardless of where you stand in your opinion of whether competition is healthy in schools, not every competition and its outcome should be looked at from a similar point of view. Some are more positive than others! While some may be tough, and end up in failures. Institutes and parents should aim for competitive activities that encouraging teamwork, and do not have over-ambitious goals. And above all, keep students engaged and having fun.

Competition is a great way to encourage the overall development of a child. But what’s even more important to keep in mind is that it is healthy, and is not having any negative effect on the development of the child.
ODM Public School being the best school in Bhubaneswar constantly keeps the above things in mind, for the betterment of students.