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How to Implement a “Cafe Conversation” Teaching Strategy in Classroom?

by in blog, Skill Development March 25, 2022

Students need an awareness of different perspectives to understand past events. The Café Conversation method helps students practice vantage points by requiring them to represent a particular point of view in a small-group conversation. By participating in a conversation with people who represent other backgrounds and experiences, students become more aware of the role that […]

How to Create a Dedicated Learning Zone for Your Child?

by in blog March 20, 2022

There are several reasons why it’s vital to your student’s success to have a dedicated learning space. First, of course, is that a dedicated space helps with focus. Studying in an out-of-the-way spot reduces exposure to noises and other distractions from loud TVs and family members coming and going. The other reasons have more to […]

Transforming Student’s Attitude Towards Learning – ODM Public School

by in blog, Education Reform March 14, 2022

With the continuation of the traditional knowledge economy in schools which focuses on one-to-many education banking model, students are still instructed to learn and remember more than express and explore. Even with these education models that encourage students to perform activities tailored to them, including an education model that focuses extensively on student experience could […]

Proactive Steps to Manage Challenging Student Behaviors

by in blog March 3, 2022

In the best of times, disruptive student behaviours are challenging to effectively act on. And now, this is compounded by our current reality: a traumatic time—during which many of us are just trying to hang on and stay in the profession—that has reduced our patience, taxed our energy, and increased our reactivity. So maybe we […]

Improvement vs Perfection: Problems Associate with Expecting Student Perfection

by in blog, Education Reform February 20, 2022

Perfection is a dangerous concept to aim for or claim. Perfection has a ceiling. It suggests we reach a certain point and then we’re done. But we’re never truly done. Our familiarisation with predictable, identical, and consistent goods has influenced our expectations of ourselves, of others, and of children. We’ve become conditioned to believe that, […]

Why Should Schools Have Good Infrastructure?

by in blog February 12, 2022

The main aim of the school is to provide education that involves a series of programs and activities which help in the personality development of a human being. The success of these programs and activities depends upon the availability of proper infrastructure. The term “Physical infrastructure” describes the physical facilities of the school such as […]

Why Should Siblings Study in The Same School?

by in blog February 12, 2022

Having a sibling is a blessing for all children. Even if they are too young to realize it. There are a few general benefits of growing up in one or more siblings. These benefits have also been recognized by the best schools in Odisha thus encouraging parents to send their children to the same school. […]