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What are the objectives of the school Assembly?

by in blog January 9, 2022

The day at any school begins with a morning school assembly. All students assemble at the ground or assembly hall and begin their day with a prayer. This is followed by the morning exercise, news reading, thought of the day, speech, etc. The flow of an assembly program is usually planned by school authorities and […]

Why E-Learning is much needed during this crisis?

by in blog, E learning January 4, 2022

No Academic Break With proper devices and technical equipment like a phone or a laptop and internet connection, a student can continue his studies without having an academic break. ODM Public Schoolis a CBSE School in Bhubaneswar that is concerned about its students’ learning cycle and growth and thus has taken necessary steps to ensure that the students […]

More students are enrolling in E-learning courses in India and many schools developed their own learning app

by in blog, E learning January 3, 2022

There has been certain technical development over the previous decade that has enabled learning on an online platform possible. E-learning is a tool that has broadly been utilized and is becoming a part of the day-to-day activities of a school. Especially under the risk of COVID-19, it has moved rapidly and proficiently to fill the […]