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How Trips and Expeditions Form an Important Part of Enriching School Life?

by in blog, Co-Curricular January 26, 2022

Experiences are the real treasure that stays with a person in every situation. Books, internet, schools, teachers all are important for learning but experiences are the real teachers which do not have any alternatives and to gain the experience travelling is the best option. It is because travelling helps us to learn so much about the world and develop new skills; simple things such as how to negotiate for cheaper prices at the market, how to cook amazing dishes, how to deal with different people, etc. Travelling also contributes to our self-improvement. This is the reason that for the development of students, schools must offer trips and expeditions.  

Trips and Expedition give a ground-level reality check to students about various aspects and also helps them to taste different flavors of adventure. Seeing the world provides a source of education and although it is not a registered educational institution, the school of travel is constantly welcoming applications. Without trips, a student becomes more or less like a frog in the well, lacking exposure and his/her imagination unintentionally goes in hibernation. Thus, earlier young people learn the lessons that school trips teach the better it is because the skills and experience that are gained from these lessons can provide life-long benefits.

School trips and expeditions also help students to step out of their comfort zone and blend with people. They become a team player and also patience is imparted into their nerves. This happens in a way that at home with their families, in a community where everyone pretty well knows everyone, students become comfortable with their daily roles and the very thought of stepping out of them can seem scary and very uncomfortable. Many of the best schools of Odisha have understood the importance of these trips and have made them part of their academic calendar. 

The best schools in Bhubaneswar organize many kinds of trips and expeditions for enriching the school life of students. These include study tours, National tours, and international tours. The study tours include a visit to Museums, Heritage sites, Tribal fairs, Botanical and zoological gardens, industries, colleges, etc. The purpose of these study tours is to instill a passion for education into students, to allow students to explore their educational options for the near future by visiting campuses, sitting in on classes, and walking around the halls of their future institutions of choice and to help develop critical knowledge, both inside and outside of the classroom, through hands-on activities and experiences. National tours help students to learn more about the diversity of their country while on the other hand international tours allow students to spent time in different countries which help further them to get acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of those countries.