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Know More About Green India Club of ODM Public School

by in blog, Green India Club January 11, 2022

The mindset of the green nation begins from the schools and the habit of living around greenery is developed in the green campus of the schools. Today, the world is facing an imbalance in nature which has given rise to problems like global warming, melting of glaciers, extinction of many species and the list only keeps on increasing. Recent forest fires in Australia have already given us an idea about the condition of Mother Earth. It was also a warning that it is high time we should take effective measures to save the earth. Deforestation needs to be replaced with afforestation and environmental awareness and study needs to be introduced in schools and colleges.

Keeping the alarming condition of nature in mind, many top schools in Odisha have taken measures to make their students aware of the environmental conditions and encourage them to be more environment-friendly by bringing change in their lifestyle and planting more trees. Among the best schools in Bhubaneswar that have taken the responsibility to contribute to nature by educating their students, ODM public school acquires its position at the top. Apart from bringing greenery into their campus and lifestyles of their students, they have taken the initiative disguised as Green India Club.

The Green India club is formed at the school level to create awareness among the children on the protection of the environment and their role and responsibility. The awareness will be developed among them with the concept of Each One, Plant One. It acknowledges the influences that the forestry sector has on environmental amelioration through climate mitigation, food security, biodiversity conservation, and livelihood security of forest department communities. The goal of the Green India Club is “The Goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”.

With this inspiring goal, ODMPS teaches its students how to make the earth a better place for future generations to dwell in. The mission for a Green India, Save India Clubs, is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). This club is more focused on greening the globe. Greening is meant to enhance ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and storage (in forests and other ecosystems), hydrological services, and biodiversity as well as other provisioning services.

The ODM public school is one of the best residential schools in Odisha and being a residential school this club helps it to embed the ideology of the green world into the mindset of students and they grow with this thinking. This club works at the ground level for the welfare of people and the environment by planting trees, restoring forests, greening the areas around, etc. They have their objectives which they try to achieve every time.


The Mission Strategy of Green India Club includes:-


  1. * Greening of Smart City Bhubaneswar and other parts of Odisha state as well as neighbouring states of Odisha.
  2. * Restore degraded forests, and enhancement of forests with relatively dense forest cover.
  3. * The mission will foster an integrated approach that treats forests and non-forest public lands as well as private lands simultaneously.


Apart from the mission strategy which remains consistent they also have the action plans that they follow to achieve their goals.


They have already formed their plan of action for the next one year and it includes:-

  • * Plant with Personal Care- 30,000 Plants
  • * Plant with Community Care- 40,000 Plants
  • * Plant with Institutional Care- 30,000 Plants



Protecting the environment not only for humans but for all the species surviving on this planet is our moral duty. The clubs like Green India Club at ODMPS helps students to realize their duties towards the environment and embed environmental ethics in them.