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Transforming Student’s Attitude Towards Learning – ODM Public School

by in blog, Education Reform March 14, 2022

With the continuation of the traditional knowledge economy in schools which focuses on one-to-many education banking model, students are still instructed to learn and remember more than express and explore. Even with these education models that encourage students to perform activities tailored to them, including an education model that focuses extensively on student experience could be a more advanced and finely-tuned approach to the traditional teacher-centred instructions. Recognized and awarded as the Best CBSE School in Odisha, we at ODM Public School believe enabling a student-centred learning experience will empower students to implement what they know and increase their interest to learn more positively.
As we have experienced that a positive attitude can bring tremendous change in the mental, emotional, and physical health of students and encourage them to learn more, here are a few simple yet proven strategies to transform your pupils’ attitude about learning positively.

Be the Example

As they say, optimism is contagious; you need to be positive and encouraging with your attitude in front of the students. Your positive thinking tends to deliver positive outcomes. If your students experience a positive outcome from your attitude, they are more likely to want to experience the same. As a teacher, you must act as an example to show how optimism delivers an ideal environment to influence happiness and success. For children, seeing is believing, and there is no better place to see it than within their teachers, parents, and idols.

A Positive Learning Space

Create a home school environment, a planner, bulletin board, or simply decorate his/her online school workspace. A positive environment or learning space will do wonders for your child. It will eliminate negative thinking and encourage healthy, positive thoughts while your child or students tackle new learning opportunities and challenges. As one of the best CBSE residential schools in Bhubaneswar, ODM makes sure to create a highly positive learning space for its students every day. We help our students to visualize that positive outcome from all scenarios. We plan goals with our students regularly, set the stage, and encourage them to rule it with our guidance and their skills. We help them get excited about working towards their goals and remind them about the positive outcomes to look forward to.

No Negative Talk

When you hear your student say or children say, “I can’t do it”, take a step back and bring this negative attitude to their attention politely. Dive deep into the reason behind their negative attitude by asking questions such as:
* What’s holding them back?
* Why can’t they do it?
* How can you help them?
* What do you need to be able to help them?

Listen to their answers, observe them, and deliver them a plan to remove those barriers. Make the children believe that you are in this together. They just need a shift in their perspective. The more they accept it, the more positive their actions, thought, and words will be.

Be Their Biggest Fan

Your attitude has a big influence on your students’ self-confidence. Your strong belief can help them to feel more confident. Arrange self-acceptance activities to make the young ones aware of their unique strengths and weaknesses. Soon, they will begin thinking positively, embracing their identity, and developing great self-esteem.

Ensuring a positive transformation of students’ attitudes towards learning is one of our top priorities at ODM Public School. The undivided trust of parents and success stories of our students have helped us retain the top spot for the best CBSE school in Bhubaneswar for years. For admission enquiries, click here or visit our website for more details. For queries, dial 1800-120-2316.