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How Can Good Schools Help Create Future Leaders

by in blog January 21, 2022

A classroom comprises innovative minds that act as bricks cemented together as their talent contributing towards making the nation stronger. Students are like fragile argil and a school plays the role of a potter, giving them proper shape and direction. Thus a school plays a very important role in producing not only future leaders but […]

How Schools Help Its Students to Find Their Passion

by in blog January 19, 2022

“Follow your Passion” is the advice every life coach, motivational speaker and ideal personality will give you for achieving success and attaining peace of mind in life. But where does this passion come from? Who cultivates it inside you? The best answer is your school. The best gift students receive from education is passion. Schools […]

How to Encourage Students to Become Self-Learners?

by in blog January 16, 2022

Learning is not limited to simply remembering material and regurgitating it. The way people learn is changing and nowadays true learning is linked to self-learning which further turns to be the furnace of self-motivation for students. Studies indicate that graduates aren’t prepared for the real world, as 87% feel like they are ready to make […]

How Schools Should Deal with Bullying

by in blog January 13, 2022

Bullying is when someone repeatedly uses their power to hurt or scare others. It can be either done by an individual or by a group. The core idea behind bullying others is to gain popularity, showcase their power, or simply just for fun. But what others consider fun becomes a nightmare for those who are […]