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Transcending Beyond the Conventional Barriers of Education

Introducing Scholars Batch

Epitomized as a symbol of new age education, ODM Public School nurtures a culture where there are no barriers come in the way of learning afresh, experiment and innovate. ODM’s Scholars Batch is in place to spawn future leaders with outstanding academic excellence and passion to excel. This batch is specially designed for the students of Class VI to IX to support their future studies of IIT, NEET, NTSE and other highly competitive education trees. Students will receive early career growth classes from highly experienced and specified faculties integrated here with addition to their regular school curriculum. This pre-foundation batch only has a limited number of seats for students to avail.

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Unlock Your Potential Today to Be a Prominent One Tomorrow

Empower your children today with Scholars Batch to let them acquire the edge over ordinary and achieve extraordinary with confidence and consistency.

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Why Scholars Batch?

Well Begun, Half Done – ODM’s Scholars Batch has been launched with this fundamental to amplify your children’s academic ability over the time, comfortably and steadily. Our Scholars Batch will help your children to kick start their preparation for highly competitive academic threads such as NTSE, IIT and Medical from early ages, so that they can learn easefully at their own pace without any strain. ODM’s Scholars Batch:

  • Develops critical thinking for tough future competition.
  • Brings self-awareness and a clear insight into your child’s career.
  • Eases the subject complexity which would hinder the future performance.
  • Sharpens their analytical ability for a strong academic foundation.
  • Makes children focused on their goals and dreams.
  • Early preparation fortifies children to excel in future competitive exams.
  • The content of NTSE, IIT JEE & Medical syllabus will help children do well in their higher studies as well.
  • Basic concepts will become more detailed and clearer.
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Hear what our students have to say about their experience with ODM Public School’s integrated, pre foundation courses for Class VI - IX.

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ODM Public School is one amongst India’s Top 5 Schools and the most preferred CBSE residential school in Bhubaneswar, Odisha recognized for its quality of education and excellency.