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5 Ways Parents Can Contribute to Education Reform

by in blog, Education Reform January 14, 2022

Needles of the clock are the witnesses of the fact that any kind of reform needs honest voices and intentions. History has gifted many reforms. It has taught us a lesson that reforms are the need of every era and if you feel something needs reform, be the voice to pave the way for it. Education is the field that needs to evolve with time and trends. Education reform has always been a hot topic. The best CBSE schools in Odisha always keep on reforming their education process, teaching styles, examination pattern, etc. to keep pace with developing society and evolving market. But one point that must be noted is that it is not only the responsibility of schools to introduce changes and reforms in education but parents also need to get involved in this process. The top schools in Bhubaneswar offer many ways in which parents can contribute to education reform to improve the education of their children. Some of them are mentioned below:

Be responsible for your child’s education:-   

It is a common belief that education reform has a lot to do with schools, but actually, it starts at home. Only better and aware students can demand better reforms. Therefore, the first step that parents should take for contributing to education reform is that they take full responsibility for their child’s education rather than only paying fees and attending annual functions. They should keep themselves updated about what their child is doing at school, what kind of education his school is providing, what kind of school atmosphere is best for their child and is getting it, etc. The best schools in Bhubaneswar offer a lot of opportunities to the parents where they can get themselves involved in their child’s education, his school activities and check where their ward and the school lies.

Join school reform groups:-  

The school reform groups bring the community together to advocate for school reform. Joining these groups will help parents to get involved in legislative change and make them more aware of different kinds of education reforms across the globe. These groups also offer counseling and educational sessions for parents.  

Support and choose better schools:-  

Always invest sincere time and effort while selecting a school for your child. As a parent, you can choose and support schools that are getting it right. Do your research and check for the schools that offer the ambiance of more creativity and focus on the overall development of students. Exercise your limited power of choice to send a message that you will only send your kids to schools that offer a quality of education that you are happy with. Schools like ODM public schools are making parents believe that traditional education blended with modern techniques can bring awe-inspiring reforms in the education field.

Get yourself more informed:-   

Always keep yourself informed about the important reforms and discoveries in the education field not only in your area, state, or country but across the world. Read articles, books, and news and even take part in meetings and conferences. Be an active participant in all the school gatherings of your child. 

Find what your children think:-  

Education reform revolves around the children and their needs. Therefore, it is very important to know what your children are up to and what they think about problems, changes, and new reforms as they happen. Being a parent you are always at an advantage because children are more likely to give their parents honest answers than a stranger or informational survey. Remember, a child’s voice can be very powerful and when it comes straight from their heart by their parents it becomes the basis of education reform.