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How to Encourage a Positive Attitude in Students?

by in blog, Skill Development December 6, 2022

Negative thinking is a massive barrier. It limits your potential, prevents you from making progress, and halts your forward momentum in life, whether you’re seeking knowledge, personal development, or happiness. Parents have a significant impact on their school-aged children’s development, whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in the top school in Odisha. Thus, parents of […]

How to Implement a “Cafe Conversation” Teaching Strategy in Classroom?

by in blog, Skill Development March 25, 2022

Students need an awareness of different perspectives to understand past events. The Café Conversation method helps students practice vantage points by requiring them to represent a particular point of view in a small-group conversation. By participating in a conversation with people who represent other backgrounds and experiences, students become more aware of the role that […]

Why the CBSE Board is better than Odisha state board?

by in blog, Skill Development February 11, 2022

Every year India prepares young minds for many examinations and unfolds the mind-blowing talents in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. More and more students undergo a brutal, challenging and needlessly competitive deal- the board exam. Every student experience waiting times for best results desperately hoping for the best numbers which will decide their future. […]