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How Do Routines Help Kids to Coup with Stress?

by in blog, Co-Curricular, Skill Development November 12, 2022

Want to know how to alleviate children’s stress? Incorporating the following three habits can help relieve stress in overwhelmed students:

Start the Day off Right with a Preschool Morning Routine

An excellent method to help your student feel more in charge of their day and more prepared to face the challenges of school is to help them establish a morning routine. Your child’s confidence and attitude toward the day can be boosted with the help of a simple, trustworthy morning ritual. These kid-friendly morning rituals need not be time-consuming so long as they are simple, repeatable, and uplifting for your child in the morning.

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You might want to think about adding things like:

• Having to make the bed
• Dining at the kitchen table in the morning (or a designated area)
• Clothing selection and morning attire preparation
• Pet care
• Expressing appreciation for something or sharing enthusiasm for the day ahead.


Figure out What They’re Going to Do the Night Before

The night before is a great time to lay the groundwork for a productive day. In order to assist your child feel more relaxed, focused, and ready for the next day, help them develop a short “night before” ritual. 

This routine might include things like brushing teeth, taking a bath or shower, and reading a book before turning in, but it can also include things like planning ahead for the next day, setting out clothes and school stuff, and anything else that will make them feel prepared for the day ahead.

Develop a Daily Routine to “Unplug from Learning”

It’s a good idea to establish a nightly “disconnect” routine that will help them redirect their attention and focus away from schoolwork. 

Get them to think of three things they do when the school day is over to signal to their brain that they are finished learning for the day. In this regard, some excellent suggestions include:

  • Powering down and stowing the gadgets out of sight
  • Repacking all other day-of-use school materials
  • Taking a stroll or engaging in some outdoor play
  • After-school snack
  • Spending at least 15 minutes engaged in something they find rewarding
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