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Transforming Student’s Attitude Towards Learning – ODM Public School

by in blog, Education Reform March 14, 2022

With the continuation of the traditional knowledge economy in schools which focuses on one-to-many education banking model, students are still instructed to learn and remember more than express and explore. Even with these education models that encourage students to perform activities tailored to them, including an education model that focuses extensively on student experience could […]

Improvement vs Perfection: Problems Associate with Expecting Student Perfection

by in blog, Education Reform February 20, 2022

Perfection is a dangerous concept to aim for or claim. Perfection has a ceiling. It suggests we reach a certain point and then we’re done. But we’re never truly done. Our familiarisation with predictable, identical, and consistent goods has influenced our expectations of ourselves, of others, and of children. We’ve become conditioned to believe that, […]