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Callings to Pursue After Taking Commerce Field in School

by in blog, Education Reform February 7, 2022

Do you know what is the most difficult and confusing situation in the life of 12th class student? It is “What to do after 12th Standard?” This question haunts every student that is going to give 12th class final examinations in a few months. There are many options that students can choose, for e.g. engineering, accounting, marketing, journalism and many more. 

Commerce is a popular stream among the students in India aiming to do higher secondary education. Having studied Commerce in class 11th-12th allows candidates to choose from multiple courses at graduation level. Commerce stream can be categorized into two groups: Commerce with Maths and without Maths. While students are advised to select the course depending on their individual aptitude and interest, we as the best CBSE school in Bhubaneswar provide guidance and counselling to 12th class students who will be going to pursue higher studies.  

Here are some of the course highlights across India that offer the best knowledge and have the best career scope in the Indian market:

1. Business Administration and Economics:

Through Business Administration courses, the students get a wide variety of options to choose from. By studying in these fields, students get exposure to managing businesses. With the emphasis on finance, accounts and business studies, there are many options all over the globe. BBA is a combination of academics and professional knowledge in chosen specializations such as Marketing, Human Resource, General Management, and Finance, Corporate Law, CFA and many more. For any further clarification, consult us at the top schools in Bhubaneswar

Economics is the study of the market behavior of the economy. The student is required to put in a lot of effort as it is a research-oriented career that requires various theories, principles, and data. They conduct researches and analyze data to predict market trends, build economic theories and models, and make recommendations for resolving economic issues. As there is a huge demand for qualified economists in consulting firms, private banks as well as public sectors, both in India and abroad. Economist, statistician, strategist, risk management analyst, operations research analyst, insurance underwriter, budget analyst are some of the career opportunities in this field.

2. Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Company Secretary (CS):

One of the most well-known and popular career paths for commerce students is a Chartered Accountant (C.A). This career option has been recognized internationally. A professional certification is provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The role of a chartered accountant is to work across various domains of business such as audit, taxation, investment, finance and much more to increase the profitability of the firm. There are some professional opportunities in public and private sector such as auditioning, tax, consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, corporate finance, investment banking.

Company Secretary: Company Secretary is a professional course administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The role of CS is to take care of the efficient administration of a company, particularly with respect to ensuring legal and statutory compliance and governance-related issues. Their job involves giving advice on conducting business, dealing with situations involving conflict of interest, suggesting ways to prepare financial reports, developing corporate strategy, assisting in planning, and advising on company law.

3. Media, Journalism and Mass Communication:


Mass communication is a medium od dispersing information to large people. This field has many branches to various other media fields such as newsgathering and reporting, film direction and production, event management, public relations, advertising, corporate communication, digital marketing. These field has created many creative job opportunities in the last few years such as graphic designing, content writing, social media marketing, web designing and much more. It is expected to expand more in India. 

4. Management:

Management is the process of planning, coordination, forecasting and organizing the company’s processes to ensure effective functioning and growth. It is another popular career route, with a relatively reliable career growth. The field has a many option to choose roles and opportunities from specializations such as operations, marketing, HR, finance, international business, sales, supply chain management, strategy in various industries and sectors, such as FMCG, Retail, Education, Telecom, etc. Do not forget to get clarity in your mind for the future from best counsellors at some of the residential schools in Bhubaneswar.

5. Hospitality and Travel:

Hospitality has been one of the fastest-growing industries and is growing continuously. Hotels, events, travel and tourism, luxury services, food services, and other related segments fall under hospitality management. Nowadays, hospitality management jobs are diverse and in high-demand because of the increase in the entertainment industry. Event management, lodging and accommodation, food and beverage and travel industry are some of the hospitality careers. 

There are many other career options for commerce students after 12th. However, there are many other popular career options available such as Design. Law, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, and Journalism and many more. To find your perfect fit, consult the professional counsellors at some of the best schools in Bhubaneshwar.