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How to Create a Dedicated Learning Zone for Your Child?

by in blog March 20, 2022

There are several reasons why it’s vital to your student’s success to have a dedicated learning space. First, of course, is that a dedicated space helps with focus. Studying in an out-of-the-way spot reduces exposure to noises and other distractions from loud TVs and family members coming and going. The other reasons have more to do with the psychological impact of having a specific space. There’s something about having a dedicated space for a dedicated action that helps motivate you to do that action. And then there’s the fact that the student will observe you, the parent, making a real effort to set up a special place for them to learn. This signals to them how important it is to you that they be successful with at-home schooling and that what they do while they’re in that space matters.

Build a Dedicated Learning Space Added with Creativity

Why start with developing a dedicated space for learning? Because over half of parents say their kids are learning less from home than they would in the classroom. For nearly 70% of parents, distractions are the main obstacle when it comes to learning at home. Giving a student their own space is a great way to reduce these distractions and make virtual learning more productive. But what if you’re one of the nearly 20% of parents for whom adequate space is an issue? If you haven’t already dedicated some space to an “online classroom,” here are some unique ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

* Look around for furniture you already have that can work double duty. Clear out that entertainment center in your spare bedroom and you have a workspace that’s just the right height for a younger child and has the perfect number of drawers for school supplies.

* If you do have space for a desk but are worried your student will quickly outgrow it or their need for it, construct a desktop from a painted door or other wood panel and balance it atop two drawer systems. As your kid gets taller, so can the drawers!

* Take a tip from our college dorm days and consider bunking your child’s bed to create a cozy space underneath for a small desk and chair.

* Empty out one of your larger closets and pop in a small desk and lamp for another cozy and very distraction-free, in-home classroom.

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