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Know More About The L.E.A.P Series of ODM Public School

by in blog January 10, 2022

“Each and Every Child can Grow ” is not only the impactful line that imparts confidence in the nerves of children and parents but it is also the vision that ODM public school resonates with. ODM Public School is the flagship school of ODM Educational Group, Odisha’s emerging educational group. The school is CBSE affiliated and is dedicated to providing holistic education and grooming children for all-round development. What makes ODMPS the best CBSE School in Bhubaneswar is that apart from the academic education they focus equally on the personality development of their children. They cultivate confidence, nurture creativity and provide a stage for students to showcase their hidden talents and experiment with their curiosities. This school hasn’t kept education confined to the classroom only but has broken all the myths regarding the schooling by creating an ambience of creativity inside their campus. Today, ODM has garnered a strong reputation as one of the top CBSE schools in Odisha and definitely as the best residential school in Odisha because of its dedication and sheer focus on academics, co-curricular activities and service to parents.

ODMPS has introduced many clubs, platforms, and initiatives for the development of their students. From media clubs to community service initiatives, this school has all that is needed to provide an enriching experience to students and to inculcate a lifelong habit of learning in them. One such amazing and appreciable initiative is the L.E.A.P series. 

The full form of L.E.A.P is Learn. Engage. Aspire. Prosper. It is an interactive forum created by the ODM education group to help the students to interact with eminent personalities who have achieved excellence in their field of work. This interaction helps students to learn new things by getting engaged in expert talk and those words of wisdom help them to aspire and prosper. This initiative of ODM public school completely revolves around their motto “Be good and make others good”. As a need of the hour, the O.D.M education group has realized that the students need to get proper career guidance, to make better career choices in life at a very young age and LEAP facilitates the same by making them interact with role models from different fields. This works because children resonate with the words and thought processes of their role models. Their journey to success fuel students with motivation and provide them exposure beyond the academic curriculum that enriches their values and creativity. 

L.E.A.P series of ODM comes with its mission, vision, and objective for the welfare of students. These are briefly mentioned below: –

Mission: –


  1. To provide career counseling to the students.
  2. To unfold the stories of struggle and hard work behind people’s success.
  3. To provide the students with role models to dream.
  4. To motivate the students to chase their dreams.
  5. To produce better human beings and professionals out of our students.




  1. Every student should be able to recognize his passion.
  2. They should get a clear road map to follow his passion and achieve excellence.
  3. Students should make the best career choices.
  4. Create a balance between academic and extracurricular activities.
  5. Students should understand the value of struggle, hard work & sacrifice.




  1. All round development of students.
  2. Value based education.
  3. Education beyond the books.
  4. Personality development by enhancing self-belief, self-esteem, and confidence.




The L.E.A.P series is one of the many good initiatives of ODM public school. It helps students to learn from the words of wisdom of those people who have achieved their goals and milestones. When students see the live examples living their dreams and hear from them, it motivates them to work dedicatedly to achieve whatever they desire in life.