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Why Should Schools Have Good Infrastructure?

by in blog February 12, 2022

The main aim of the school is to provide education that involves a series of programs and activities which help in the personality development of a human being. The success of these programs and activities depends upon the availability of proper infrastructure. The term “Physical infrastructure” describes the physical facilities of the school such as buildings, grounds, furniture, and technologies that help in imparting education. It is rightly said that school is the child’s second home.

 During the student life, the child spends most of the time at the school away from the home. When parents send their kids by spending a high amount of money, they expect a firm hand of a responsible adult to guide them, a secure and conducive environment. Therefore, it is important for ODM Public school, Bhubaneswar to provide the best infrastructure to enhance students’ development process. Impact of Bad School Infrastructure: According to the state-wise analysis of the National Achievement Survey 2017 for classes III, V, and VIII in government and government-aided schools spread across the country badly need repair of school buildings and arrangement of basic amenities It is essential for any school to create a positive environment which encourages learning and focuses on the overall development of students.

 Poor infrastructure acts as a de-motivator for students. Some of the top English medium schools in Bhubaneswar have best-in-class infrastructure and facilities.

Here are some of the bad effects which impact the learning process of any child:

Students in schools with poor building conditions perform have decreased academic performance when compared to schools with better buildings. Noise and temperature levels are termed as unfriendly factors in learning.  Schools with bad infrastructure do not regularly turn up for schools which results in irregular attendance.

Essential Infrastructure for schools

 Here are some of the basic amenities that make the perfect school infrastructure for the students:

School Building

The school building should be well-planned, spacious, and functional. Classrooms should be spacious, well-ventilated. It should have all the facilities like well-equipped labs, halls, playing areas, sanitation facilities. The school building should have buildings and classrooms should be designed in such a way that students can move in and out of the classroom freely. There should be provisions for transportation and parking of personal vehicles like scooters and bicycles for teachers and staff personnel. ODM Public School is one of the best schools in Bhubaneswar has the best infrastructure for its students and staff.


Every school should have a well-equipped library housing every book catering to every students’ interest. The school library should have a positive and silent ambiance. The library should have enough space for holding interactive sessions and exchanging knowledge among students, thereby enhancing students’ writing and reading skills.  


Classrooms are the backbone of school infrastructure. The infrastructure should be built that can contain classrooms for pre-nurseries to 12th classes. The classroom should be pleasant and well-designed. They should be carefully decorated and painted with light colors. As it is the time of being digital, interactive whiteboard and newer education systems should be adopted. Every classroom should be equipped with a biometric attendance system to bring transparency to the attendance system.

 ICT Labs/Multimedia

The new technologies enable laboratories/multimedia labs for improving the learning outcomes for students. These also serve to create opportunities for the latest styles of learning, and ways to create and collaborate on cutting-edge IT-backed paradigms.

Sports Activities and Administrative Block

Sports and games play a vital role in the development of any child. The school should have a provision for a well-maintained playground. Playgrounds help in building physical strength, balance, and an opportunity to develop social skills, thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The proper infrastructure also affects facilities for teachers. There should be a proper staffroom where teachers can prepare for their classes, do corrections and interact with each other. This room should also have lockers and assigned desks where they can keep their materials, exam sheets, and personal belongings. Apart from the staff room, the school infrastructure should create special provisions for the administrative block. In conclusion in India, there is a need for providing quality education to schools. With a mix of best-in-class technology, an environment to interact with anyone freely, and working together as one team a school should provide focus on the overall development of the child.

School infrastructure should be planned properly which will benefit both teachers and learning in a positive way. This will also result in increased student attention and staff will remain motivated for new challenges. Get enrolled in ODM Public School, one of the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, which provides best-in-class facilities and facilitates the positive development of the child.