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5 Things First Time Residential School Students Must Know About

by in blog January 6, 2022

A school forms a major part of a students’ life and learning as he or she gains new experiences during the academic year and adds knowledge that helps them in leading their future. Just like school acts as a stepping stone in the career, one part of a school that offers maximum exposure of oneself to students is living in a hostel or also known as residential schools. 

Some of the best CBSE Residential Schools in Bhubaneswar form the basis of self-learning and self-discovery and encourage fighting their own battle. The students may struggle a bit in the beginning because it’s a completely new world or a new way of living but while staying in a residential school they make memories and friends for life. So, if you are a parent who’s sending their child to a residential school for the first time, here are some things that your child must know.

Pack Well

The key to living away from home is to pack well. Kids who are moving out of their comfort zone for the first time in their life must always have all the things packed with them. Such things may include their belongings, various kinds of food they love, their sports equipment, and more. These things come in handy and can help the child at any time to uplift their mood and also become a part of a group, as their food can work as an ice breaker. This will further help the child to be arranging their stuff in terms of priority, as what is required the most and what the least. The parents can also help their child create their own medical kit, clothes, extra pair of shoes and socks, toiletry items, bed sheet and pillow and other personal grooming products in case these products are not available in the boarding school. ODM Public School Bhubaneswar is amongst the top residential schools in the country which provides the best environment for first time borders.

Adopt Healthy Learning Habits

While this is an ongoing process, as one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, we at ODM Public School, encourage students to start working on learning or developing a healthy habit at home first, such that they can come to the campus and continue it here to grow and master it with the guidance from the best faculty in the country. This will further boost the academic record at school and also will enhance the child’s concentration level.

Develop a healthy eating habit

Mostly when the children move out of their house, they develop a habit of eating junk food as their parents are not there to control or manage what they are eating. First time residential school students must develop a habit of eating healthy like green vegetables, fruits, daliya, khichdi, curd, pulses etc., basically, just have a balanced diet. They must not hog on chips and cold-drinks in the past time. This will help them to have a strong immunity and also protect themselves during weather change and or flu.

Getting Involved

Students must find out what kind of co-curricular activities are available in the school that may interest them and also engage them in the long run. They can join those groups and become friends with like-minded people and grow companionship and friendships which are above and beyond meaning. This will also help children to stay positive at a time when they fail at something or need moral support. 

Ask for Help from Teachers, Counsellors, etc

The parents must encourage their children to look for help if they are not sure about anything. They must not hesitate and just ask if any kind of support or guidance is needed. In a boarding school in Bhubaneswar, the staff is aware that everything is new to you. They won’t mind the child asking for help, and it’s a lot better than the feeling of being lost at a new place or remaining unsure.

While these are the top 5 things that a child must learn before coming to a residential school, they must also learn to practice gratitude towards life. The student must try to always be proactive in class or at a sporting event to grow and become what they aim to.