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Importance of Arts and craft in the school curriculum

by in Art, blog January 5, 2022

Ever wondered what it takes for a perfect person to be. Is it only the theoretical knowledge or is it only the practicality or is it the amalgamation of both? Knowledge has always been slaved by creativity and today’s sleek creative ambience is the justification of this statement. Today, if you want your children to keep pace with this evolving world, then make them creative rather making them just knowledgeable. The best CBSE schools in Odisha believe that nowadays school curriculum should go hand in hand with extracurricular activities. Over several years this traditional trend that is used to enhance creativity with motor skills, boost confidence and visual learning in students.

Art and craft play a very vital role in shaping the personality of students. Those little fingers when diving into a bottle of paint bring vibrancy into the future of the nation. The hours of vocal practice, the apparent unflagging enthusiasm behind a theatre, weaving and threading of fabric, origami and innovative inventions out of nowhere give birth to the prettiest smile on the face of a child. 

The happiness of completing these tasks is far better than anything else for a child at that patch. The best residential school in Bhubaneswar believes that embedding art and craft into the academic curriculum can bring out the shades of various creative future opportunities and new fields of the profession for students. It can open the doors to new work cultures and unveil new potentials of the market, creative potential. 

To achieve this bilateral coordination between arts and craft and academics the top CBSE schools of Odisha like ODM Public School have already taken lead and are providing a creative environment for students to grow. They are paving the way for students to be able to cope up with both sides of the brain and it is a good indicator of the cognitive process. 

The imagination ability should be inculcated during the budding period of a child and schools along with the support of parents can play an important role in this process. If a child paints he should be given no boundaries and there you see what his canvas looks like. A study shows that children tend to concentrate thrice on a subject if they have a fresh mind. And during school hours, they get exhausted so creative breaks should be amended in the curriculum that may comprise debates, artistically impressive theme activities, theatre or any such thing that contributes to the burgeoning of underdeveloped skill capacity

It develops a skill of management, a sense of responsibility because when they drop the ball or mess up they will learn to clean that mess and not repeat it. Expressing their inventiveness in their way helps in language development, boosts self-esteem and encourages perceptual. Experimenting gives students experiences and these experiences are going to stay with them throughout their lives. Remember, the only thing is the overall development of a child not by renunciation of choice but with its coaxing because it is indispensable in a wide array of jobs.