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5 Top Reasons to Send Your Children to Residential School

by in blog, Residential Facility January 27, 2022

The residential school is not a concept that has emerged yesterday; rather it has existed for centuries and it is because there are many benefits of residential schools that have been acknowledged by the people of all times. But yet parents often find themselves rejoicing in a dilemma when they have to take the decision of sending their children to residential schools. There are countless questions revolving in their head and family discussions often don’t lead to any satisfying conclusion. Hence, here we step in to help you to deal with your dilemmas by giving you the 5 top reasons for sending your children to the best residential school in Odisha

Holistic development:-

Residential schools are places where students not only come to study but to live and build their personality. These schools are responsible to motivate, engage and fuel students acting as their guardians in the absence of their parents. Apart from providing students with in-depth academic knowledge, residential schools also focus on children’s all-round development including communication skills, fitness, problem-solving, decision-making and overall intellectual abilities. Residential schools have great infrastructure for the welfare of students which includes a gym, well-equipped playgrounds, art studios, swimming pools, etc. Thus all in all residential schools are more like a home away from home for students.

On-campus faculty:-

In residential schools, teachers live on campus which means that they are always there to offer guidance to the students. Thus, learning is not confined to classrooms only. Moreover residential provides an immersive, intellectually-challenging environment for students where teachers are not only educators but also friends, mentors, and life coaches. On-campus faculty is the best part of residential schools.

Independent lifestyle:-

Residential schools make students more self-dependent by encouraging them to carry out everyday chores, manage academic assignments, maintain their monthly budget and monitor eating habits on their own without relying on someone. This imparts a sense of responsibility in them and they become more mature and mindful. Top residential schools in Bhubaneswar like ODM Public school believe that it is very important to make students self-dependent and responsible at an early age as it prepares them for every challenge in life and makes them more confident. 

Student life:-

In residential schools students belonging to different cultures, religions, and places stay together as one large family. This imparts in them a sense of tolerance and respect for each other’s beliefs. The students from different social and economic backgrounds stay together and learn together, which not only increases every student’s knowledge of traditions and practices across geographies, but also widens their perspectives. 

Building a network:-

Residential schools make students more social and help them to build a strong network which is very essential in today’s time. Students study, participate in various sports and learn extra-curricular activities along with their close friends right on the campus. This sharpens their communication skills, interpersonal skills, persuasion skills, and conflict resolution. The bonds established by students in residential schools are cherished by them throughout their life. 

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