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Scholarships and Awards – How They Boost the Confidence of a Student

by in blog, Skill Development January 28, 2022

Talent needs appreciation and grooming every now and then. This is very important to make it shine more. Schools are recognized on the parameters of performances by their students. Schools that left no stone unturned to boost the confidence of their students understand the significance of appreciation for improving the performance of students. Appreciation can be done through good grades, prizes, titles, awards, scholarships, etc. Best schools in Bhubaneswar like ODM public schools make sure that the success of their students is appreciated and rewarded.

ODM public school even has an achiever’s club which highlights the talents and achievements of its students in academics as well as co-academics fields. The students in the achiever’s club are provided with many perks like scholarships, special interaction sessions, etc. to encourage them. Below mentioned are a few ways in which scholarships and awards can boost the confidence of a student:-

1. Awards and felicitations entice students to work hard with a focused goal. Students feel their talents are being recognized and valued and hence this becomes the furnace of motivation for them to keep brushing their performance.

2. Scholarships provide financial help to underprivileged students. This is very important for the students who due to financial and mundane matters leave their education in between. Their talent is rewarded with financial aids in the form of scholarships which helps them to continue their education and encourage them to achieve milestones in life.

3. Scholarships and awards in co-curricular activities work for the overall development of students. Felicitations in the field of student’s interest always give inertia to their efforts in achieving their goals.

4. Scholarships and awards play a very important role in cultivating future sportsmen in the schools. On one hand, scholarships provide financial help to the budding players which helps to encourage them to skill their game, while on the other hand awards and felicitations help them to come into the sight of people which boosts their confidence.

5. Awards and prizes also help to motivate students to participate in student activities and competitions. This further works for increasing the stage courage of the students and thus boosts their confidence.

6. Consolation prizes and awards ignite the spark of motivation inside the ones who can’t make it in the competition. This makes them feel that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated and hence they work more hard with a goal to succeed in the future.

7. Scholarships in academics and co-academics help students to choose the field of their interest after school without getting affected by the financial hurdles.

Conclusion:- Thus scholarships and awards play a vital role in boosting the confidence of a student. Keeping this fact in mind,  top schools of Odisha are rewarding the achievements of their students with awards, felicitations and scholarships. This marks as a token of encouragement for students so that they continue to work more dedicatedly for the future.