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Achievements A Child Can Have After Taking Humanities Field

by in blog February 11, 2022

The world doesn’t end if your child declines to take up science after his/her 10th board exams; there are so many subjects that your child can pursue if he or she chooses to study anything other than science. We at ODM Public School, one of the best residential schools in Odisha, believe that the child has the capabilities to choose what is best for him/her, even if it is not science or commerce. The career opportunities aren’t limited to becoming a doctor or an engineer; today, people are becoming patisserie maestros, painters, writers, journalists, content writers, website developers, and more which were very uncommon or didn’t even exist a few years ago. 

Here, we have formulated a list of jobs that your child can choose from:


 Being a teacher/professor is a well-paid and well-recognized job these days, especially when you have a government job. The timings are very flexible, and the child will get time to spend with family, as well as discover his/her interests and pursue them. A teacher also has time to take tuitions which will help him/her earn well from it.


Does your child like to write and wants to grow up doing that? Then he already has the skill to work on. Taking up humanities he/she will get more to read, learn and write about topics. Traditionally, journalists at the leading newspapers or TV news required a 4-year degree in Journalism or English. In today’s changing news environment, the requirements have become less stringent.


There are very few good lawyers in our country who are dedicated to getting justice to people. If your child is someone who thinks so, then he should take up humanities and study law further.   

Advertising Manager:

Every organization today needs people who can manage their brand’s marketing. If your child understands what people think, and behave, then he should try his/her hands-on advertising. 

Human Resource Manager:

 Is your child good at dealing with people? If yes, then he/she should definitely think about becoming a human resource specialist. This role has become an integral part of every organization, and with his/her people skills it can do wonders.

Still confused? There is so much time for a child to figure things out. We, ODM Public School, one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, think that every child’s interest varies. If your child is not interested in taking up science or related subjects, then you shouldn’t force them into it. In spite, you should encourage your child into finding its calling by pushing it into taking up hobbies and other extra-curricular activities.  Humanities is a growing field, and various opportunities are opening up for the generations to come.