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Why Should Siblings Not Study in The Same School?

by in blog February 11, 2022

In one of our latest blogs, we talked about the benefits of siblings studying in the same school, but we also think that there’ll be positive impacts on the child’s personality if he/she studies in a different school altogether.

Why do we think so? Here are some points that we, one of the Top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar believe in, it is true for most of the kids with siblings, so do give it a good read:

Difficulty to carve out individual identities:

With so much support from parents and the elder siblings, it gets difficult for the younger ones to pave their way up as they grow old. There is so much that the child can do and wants to do, but the elder’s siblings’ shadow outcasts the growth map of the younger ones. Some parents believe that if the elder child is good at something, the younger one will be good at it too, but guess what, no! It gets difficult for the younger ones to fight their battle when they are constantly living under the shadow of the best.

At times, it also affects the personal relationship between both the children. 

Constant comparison from Teachers:

It gets difficult if you see from the child’s perspective when the teachers are constantly comparing the younger child with the older one. It becomes impossible for the child to cope with the situation at hand, and instigates the attitude of comparison throughout life, which further induces anger in the child. No individual likes being compared to another human, and when you are being compared to your elder brother, it might affect how the younger kid sees at his/her old sibling.  

Forced to lead the same path as elder sibling:

There are various ways to see the same problem; one of those problems is being forced to lead the life the elder sibling is living. It is like the hit and trial method if this suits the elder child, it is a guaranteed conclusion for both teachers and the parents that the younger child should be following the same path without any doubt. This nudging is highly demotivating, and parents should refrain from doing so. Imagine, how will you feel if this happens to you?

Unwanted conflicts and Detachment:

For some children, it gets difficult to cope with siblings with similar personalities. There is a saying, ‘Ek ghar mein sirf ek hi sher reh sakta hai’; going forward from this phrase, we’d like to suggest that siblings who have similar personalities should study in different schools, as they’ll find it hard to cope with their elder sibling’s personality. This will further induce detachment and unwanted conflicts among the children, and they’ll start disliking being around each other, and we know that no parents want that!

We are one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, and we understand how difficult is for the parents to see their children outgrowing their family. The parents need to understand that the children need to fight their troubles, face their problems, and get up when they fall. It is okay to have someone’s back when the tough gets going, but it’s the child who has to manage when the going has to go tough.

At the end, we think the decision is yours, but there is only one way to help your child grow and that is to let them be, and scan their performance and then take measures and not by putting the children in the same school, thinking that they are together and so they’ll figure it out together.