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Green Campus – How It Helps Students to Attain Mental and Physical Health

by in blog January 20, 2022

Schools are the places where students not only spend the most time of their day but also the span of their life which marks importance in their mental and physical development. Good teachers are for sure need but healthy schools are a necessity. They contribute to students’ overall development and also leave a long-lasting impression reflecting on their personality. Healthy indoor air quality and classroom acoustics are basic two elements of green campuses that contribute directly to the enhanced student and teacher performance. When it comes to the residential schools, green campuses play a very important role in the lifestyle of students and thus residential schools in Odisha like ODM public school have already transformed their campus into green campuses.

The importance of greenery is known to every individual. From the time terms like global warming, ozone layer depletion, climate change, forest fires (like the recent one in Australia), etc. have become frequent people have started contributing their part in making globe green again to save mother nature for future generations. Thus schools, universities, colleges, etc. all are also making their campuses green and healthy. Here is how top schools in Bhubaneswar with green campuses are helping their students to attain mental and physical health:-

1. The green campus helps in protecting the health of students. Diseases like Asthma which are becoming common in students are majorly caused because of the poor indoor air quality. Green schools having better ventilation, healthy green building materials like non VOC carpets, abundant tree plantation and greenery are healthier for students as well as teachers and thus protect their health. Furthermore, green campuses also reduce carbon dioxide emissions and hence protect the environment.

2. Better health always forms the basis for better performance. With an active lifestyle that comes from the green campus around you, sick leaves reduce greatly. Lack of fresh air can reduce attentiveness and we all know how greenery serves as the source of fresh air. Studies have shown that student test scores can improve up to 20% when students learn in a green campus.

3. The green ambiance around you helps your ideas to flourish more and more. Creativity strikes you when your surroundings are soothing to your nerves and green campus always provides relief to your nerves. Positive thoughts and optimistic mindset are the beautiful gifts green campus gives every student and help them relax their soul.

4. Green campus creates an opportunity to improve the health, educational settings, and resources for all students, regardless of income or background. When it comes to residential schools, green campus imparts greenery in the lifestyle of students and they carry this legacy with them forwarding it to the future generations.

5. Programs like tree plantation for making the campus greener make students more environment-friendly and they begin to understand the importance of green planet and ways to achieve it. They start practicing the ways in their houses, colonies and share it with their friends thus creating awareness about the Green planet which is needed at this hour.


Hence the importance of green campus for the overall development of students is significant and it plays a vital role in helping students to attain physical and mental health. Many international schools in Bhubaneswar have already understood this importance and have made their campuses green.