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How ODM Public School Helps Students to Lose Stage Fear?

by in blog, Skill Development January 23, 2022

Stage courage in today’s competitive world is the most important aspect in deciding the fate of the students. Stage fear also called performance anxiety is the biggest hurdle in the path of achieving what one wants to achieve. Millions of people suffer from performance anxiety and this resists them from doing what they love and enjoy doing. In students, stage fear can reduce their self-confidence and also affect their career. Thus it is very important to remove stage fear from students during their schooling years so that they can have a bright career ahead. The ODM public school which is the best residential CBSE School in Bhubaneswar invests equal efforts in brushing up the soft skills of students as they invest in academics of the students. There are many activities and clubs in ODM public school which help its students to lose stage fear and be more stage friendly thus boosting their confidence. Below mentioned are few ways in which ODM public school helps its students to lose stage fear:-

1. The ODMPS conducts various literary activities that disguised as fun activities primarily focus on galvanizing the soft skills of the students and also build a comfortable environment under which students can grow together.

2. Speaking activities like Debates, elocutions, extempore, etc. are conducted for students across the month so that they can get more familiar with stage, audience, and speeches. Also frequently conducting these speaking activities help students to make mistakes and then learn from these mistakes.

3. Writing activities and competitions are conducted every month which improves the writing skills of the students and also helps them to have a command over the language. This imparts confidence in the students and removes performance anxiety. These activities include essay writing, letter writing, story writing, paragraph writing, article writing, etc.


4. To encourage the students and build their self-confidence their write-ups are displayed in the School magazine. This marks as an appreciation for students and they work more in the direction of self-improvement. 

5. ODM public school has a Spell Bee which is a monthly event of the school. The objective of this event is to enhance the vocabulary of students because a rich vocabulary is always the best tool for impeccable speech. This event involves the students in learning the correct spelling of a word, their usage in sentences and improving their speaking skills. Good speaking skills always pave the way for good confidence and thus remove stage fear.

6. Other innovative events which include Create-a-Disguise, Book review, and Report, work on developing the comprehension skills of students. With these events presentation skills, reading skills, communication skills of the students are brushed up and students feel more confident in stepping up the stage.

7. ODM media club includes two channels ODM E-Channel and ODM FM. The media club is student-run which helps in boosting their confidence. Students host talk shows with parents and students and thus stage and camera become toy things for them.

8. ODM public school initiates a week-long literary week festival to enhance the confidence of students and sow seeds of stage courage in them. Activities like meeting the author, tongue twisters, storytelling sessions, JAM sessions, etc. give students the exposure of stage and removes stage fear from them.


These were the ways in which ODM public school, which is one of the best schools in Odisha, helps students to build self-confidence and lose stage fear.