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How to Help Your Child Stay Organized?

by in blog, Skill Development January 30, 2022

A child’s mind is very agile. They absorb anything they see very easily. That’s why it is said, nobody learns faster than a small child. We have to be very careful about what to say or do when a child is around. Teaching begins at home, they say; It is true, to be honest, a child’s first teachers are their parents. So, parents should be more organized such that the child observes and learns the same.

The parents know what is best for their kids, frankly who doesn’t. It is highly essential for the parents to spend quality time with their kids, especially during their initial years, so as to build a healthy, friendly, interactive and supportive environment for the children. Top schools in Bhubaneshwar have initiated a step where they are teaching the parents about the importance of such activities where they have to interact with their kids on a regular basis about several topics of day to day life, to understand them better. 

Like we all know, a habit doesn’t form overnight, it takes time. So daily efforts are required for it. Inculcating a sense of order in your child sounds like a herculean task but it’s not. Simple and daily efforts can help you achieve your task. Starting from something as small as creating a planner for your kids will build up a sense of responsibility and create value.

Gift your child a planner and assign a task before you leave for work every morning with a promise that he/she has to complete it by the end of the day. Keep a gift for them if they complete the task. Teach them the value of time, interact with them in every way possible.

Assign your kids a designated workspace where they can be whatever they want. This’ll allow their creativity to flow and will build them a sense of keeping things organized and planned. In that room, they can create and recreate their emotions, ideas, feelings, and study. Allot a study time for them, arrange their books and also rearrange the mesh. Assign a time period for every activity whether it’s playing, sleeping, studying even cleaning/arranging. 

Kids will slowly develop their habits according to the routine set by you. You have to monitor their daily work and correct them when they are wrong. Parents should indulge in competitive activities themselves and make the kids watch, they’ll learn things by watching and later will try to do it for themselves. Schools in Bhubaneshwar are trying to make studying more fun by adopting ‘learning from home’ concept where parents and kids will have a chance to study and understand each other much better and improve the bonding and also enhancing the qualities of the child. 

Give your child questions to remember, ask them those questions randomly throughout any time of the day. This’ll make them attentive and also improve the memory of the kids. Make them learn the importance of ‘I CAN DO IT’. This will improve their will power and give them moral support. There are other things which can help you to get your child to develop a sense of management. 

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