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How to Talk to Children So That They Listen?

by in blog January 31, 2022

Communication is the key factor on which a relationship develops and sustains. Better communication, stronger the relationship. You need to be very particular about the kind of communication you are having with young kids. It has a huge impact on their behaviour. According to a study conducted on a child’s psychology suggested that a child should be kept involved in a healthy conversation with their parents at home and with teachers during school hours. ODM Public School is one of the best CBSE Schools in Bhubaneshwar that encourages its teachers to develop a healthy relationship with students.

Understanding the mentality of children will play a crucial role in initiating the kind of conversation you want to have with them. A child’s mind is very agile one, you need to come up with new tricks and turns to keep your child interested or else they will ignore. You have to earn their trust in order to make them listen to you. It is said, ‘before you be their parent, try being their friend.’ Kids easily get influenced by what their friends do. For kids, parents have to be the ultimate support, they need to build up the trust to it so that if their child gets into trouble or needs emotional support, they would go out looking for their parents. Best schools in Bhubaneshwar are conducting counselling classes with both students and parents on a regular basis so as to keep track of their progress and understand the areas which need to be worked on.

Basic human nature should be looked into if we want to understand this; who is the first person that comes to our mind when we’re sad or we’re too happy? Mostly it is the one whom we trust the most. It’s human psychology, no denying that. Kid’s psychology is no different. You have to be polite to kids aged between 2-9 years. Kids post the age of 10 start to build up traits in which they grasp things quickly and designs things accordingly. This age needs more monitoring and moral support. Teenage is the age where things get to a whole new level. Parents have to be more careful while interacting with them as at this age they are too fragile, one wrong move and years of hard work gets wasted. 

There are certain measures that a parent should take to make their children listen to them:

  • Don’t push yourself: We tend to overdo certain things in the hope that it might end up perfectly. Well, that’s not always a good idea. When it comes to kids, you need to measure every step and move you take. You have to make them follow the paths you laid for them but not by forcing them to but by helping them understand what is good in it for them.
  • Be their friend: You need to develop a friendly touch with your kids so that next time they want to share something they won’t have to think twice for that. Share light jokes with them, spend time playing, interacting, throw them a puzzle which keeps them wondering about it and comes to you at the end of the day asking about it.
  • Anger is not the solution: There are other ways to deal with the problems, anger is definitely not one of them. See, kids are soft, anger will only make things worse and won’t be of much help. If they make a mistake, tell them about it, talk them out. They are young, they are definitely smart.

Each child is special, each one is different. Better understand them well then only they will be able to understand you well.