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Tips for Getting Along with A New Roommate

by in blog February 1, 2022

Living with a total stranger can sometimes be hard but it can turn out to be the most amazing thing you could’ve done in your lifetime. We learn a lot of things when we interact with new people, we learn a lot about their culture, lifestyle, language and much more. Connecting with strangers can help you develop interactive skills, people reading skills, develop a sense of bonding with the strangers and self-understanding.

Students studying in boarding schools in Odisha and all around the world face such issues as they get out of their homes or comfort zone for the first time to start their college/student life. New life, new city, new roomie, all this makes them nervous at first but later as they start getting along, it turns out to be the best thing that happens with them. Ask your friends living in a hostel about this, how was their reaction and how it turned out for them. I bet they’ll say the same thing. Hostellers call it their second home and other people living in the hostel, their family members. There couldn’t be a better answer to it than this. How strangers become one big giant joint beautiful family.

Just like all good things in life, you have to compromise at certain point and have to be patient. Here are some tips that you can look upon which could help you in getting along with your new roomie:-

1. Set Guidelines: Setting up guidelines are the basic step you could use to mark the territories. It’ll help you understand the concept of privacy and comfort zone of each other. You need to keep in mind about the day-to-day activities such as fan speed, noise, meals, lights and many other things to make it not awkward amongst yourselves.

2. Learning new cultures: It’s a perk if you and your roommate are from different backgrounds; be it in terms of religion or demographic or something else. You both can learn about each other a lot better by sharing one or other things like food, music and language.

3. Respect the schedule: You have to have a mutual understanding of each other’s schedule. You’ve to set the guidelines and schedule and or be understanding enough to treat each other well in need. Like if someone has an exam in coming days, other has to understand it and try not to disturb. 

4 Sharing is caring: When you’re living with someone away from home, you have to have a friend which could really help you in times needed. Helping him out will develop a soft corner and next time when you need help you’ll find them with a helping hand.

5. Communicate honestly and openly: it’s not necessary that other person will also like the same thing which you like, it’s normal. So to share what you feel. That’s the only way you will develop an understanding amongst yourself.

6. Consider alternate ways to solve conflict: Having conflicts are normal. It’s better to solve them as soon as possible because there’s no point in continuing it till forever. This will get you nothing. Live and enjoy, no hard feelings for one another!

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