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What are the Latest Education Trends and How ODM Public School Is Implementing It?

by in blog, Latest Education Trends February 4, 2022
We have been experiencing some major changes in the education system from the last few years. As the time is changing, the government is focusing on making education more affordable and available to the masses. Certain steps have been taken up so that every child can get a basic education so that they become enough self-sustained to read and write their names at least.

Top schools in Bhubaneshwar have initiated a small yet effective way of providing free education to the underprivileged children. This had a chain reaction on other schools and they too began giving free education to kids. Schools in Bhubaneshwar have adapted new teaching methods to make education more fun and interesting. Changing dependency from books to computerized based studies is amongst the latest trends which CBSE schools in Bhubaneshwar have adapted.

ODMPS is the best school in Bhubaneshwar which have their focus to provide their students with the best to be at their best in future. Here are some other trends which schools are adopting to provide their students with the latest knowledge.

  • Use of internet and social media as a teaching tool:


The internet and social media are the most powerful tools in today’s world. If used properly, could turn out to be the most amazing thing. Schools have started to use it as a tool to teach kids and give them a deep knowledge. Social media has been the main mode of transferring thoughts and queries where teachers and students can get in touch directly after school hours as well.

  • Students teaching teachers:


Students perform better if they get appraised. Allowing them to change the face of the classroom according to their will, it has seen that by doing so their output was improved. Let them make the rules for the classroom, they’ll follow it as now only they have made it. The students will now take more interest in studies as they’re the boss now.

  • Teaching through smart classes:


Best CBSE school in Odishahave introduced ‘educomp classes’ for their students to make learning fun. Introducing smarter ways of teaching will help gain their interest and improve their output. ODMPS have started replacing books with computers-based education is the new trend. It has seen students are much more excited to attend schools now.

  • Personalized learning:


By doing so, students feel privileged. They become more open to questions without feeling ashamed. This improves their confidence and problem solving skills. ODMPS have introduced tutorial classes which allow students to ask their doubts.

  • Experiential learning:


 Learning while playing is the most effective way of educating your kids and making their concepts more clear. Students absorb much better if they are thought practically. ODMPS have introduced experimental classes where they teach students through experiments. This was a successful move as students enjoyed it.

ODM Public School has adopted new ways of teaching as they want their students to be the best and reach heights in the future. New technological advancements in the field of education have made studies more interesting. Students now switched their reliability over internet which was previously on books. Bookish knowledge is limited, learning through the internet is vast.