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Pre Primary

What grades are included in ODM Pre-Primary & What is the minimum age criteria?

1. ODM Kids World, BDA unit

Grades Offered: Nursery, LKG & UKG (in Day Scholar wing only)

2. ODM Public School, Sishu Vihar, Patia

Grades Offered: LKG & UKG (in both Day Scholar & Day Boarding wing)

Age Criteria - The child, as of 31st March 2024, should be at least

for Nursery - 2 years

for LKG - 3 years

for UKG - 4 years

What is Day Scholar & Day Boarding Wing? What are the key differences?

Day Scholar wing provides the typical day-school services with 5-6 hours of school program primarily focused on Academics, followed by some exposure to Co-Academics. Day-boarding wing runs a more elite program where the students stay in the school for the entire day and are provided with multiple additional co-academic activities, foreign language, & etc., along with good infrastructure.

To know the difference between Day Scholar and Day Boarding wings in ODM Public School, Patia branch, please click on this link

What is the school timing for all three branches?

For the sessions 2024-25, the school timings are-

ODM Kids World, BDA

Nursery, LKG, UKG- 8:15 AM to 12:30 PM

ODM Public School, Patia

Day Scholars- LKG, UKG - 8:15 AM to 12:30 PM

ODM Public School, Patia

Day Boarding- LKG, UKG - 8:15 AM to 4:00 PM

Day Boarding and Day Scholar classes run from Monday to Friday only.

N.B. Next academic session, the school timings might have some variation. This would be informed before the beginning of the academic session.

What is the curriculum?

We generally focus on Language, and Literacy skills, Early Numerical skills, Environmental Awareness, Socio and emotional development, Intellectual development, Physical and Moto Development, and monthly community connections, and we work on developing other cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of the child through different activities, and story sessions. You can also visit the link to get details-

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

All the teachers are certified through compulsory NTT training, a certified training benchmark required to teach kids pre-primary, and all our teachers are experienced in handling the tiny tots. We are very selective about the teachers we select. We ensure that the teachers can provide love, care, and grooming to these tiny tots.

Our pre-primary teachers hold an average teaching experience of 12.8 years.

What is the bag load for the children, and is homework given?

We usually don’t give homework to the children in pre-primary. We believe in learning with fun, and we don’t think learning is fun with compulsion and pressure.

The bag load of the child is taken seriously in our schools, and we divide the school timetable in such a way that the bag weight is within 1 kg almost all the time (as per the defined guidelines).

What is the exam pattern?

We don’t have any examination system for pre-primary kids. We operate with the concept of worksheets where each child solves the worksheets, and we identify which child is lacking on an individual basis. The schedule of the worksheet-based evaluation varies every year, and we release the schedule and inform the parents well in advance.

What are the co-curricular activities provided to the children?

Art, dance, music, and swimming classes are provided.

  • One hour extra weekly time for competitions and creative activities.
  • For the Day Boarding wing, Veda chanting classes are held for the children.
  • Round the year, we have activities scheduled for the children, at least two activities, two competitions, and interesting sessions scheduled every month. The schedule and details of these activities are released by the Co-Academics team at the beginning of every session.
How many days does the school run?

For the students of Pre-Primary, classes run from Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are off. Some Saturdays will have Parents Teachers Interactions, and some will have activities for the students.

  • Once the students upgrade to Class I, classes will be conducted from Monday to Saturday (For Day Scholars only). Day Boarding students have classes from Monday to Friday (Class- LKG to Class- II), and from Class III onward, they have classes on Saturday as well up to 1:30 PM).
Is transportation provided to the students?

Yes, we provide transportation facilities to students residing within the vicinity of Bhubaneswar city. We generally request parents of pre-primary students not send their children via school transport as the kids are too small to travel via school buses, and their safety is our concern. However, if any parent has any compulsion and still wants to avail transport, we allow it on an exceptional basis.

Post admission, you will be notified of the contact details of the transportation team. You can also click on the transportation link and apply through the ODMConnect app by selecting the stoppage you want. Once the application is approved, you will be notified of the bus details along with the driver details on the ODMConnect app, and you can track daily updates from the same.

If my child is admitted to the BDA branch, can he/she shift to ODM Public School, Patia branch, later on?

Yes, the students can shift internally from BDA to the Patia branch. The parent has to submit an application to the admission team for the same at the start of the Session, and in case of any vacancy, the child may be allowed for a change.

The fees are different in both branches, and the child has to pay the fees of the newer branch, as per the fees policy, which will be shared at the time of admission. Note that admission fees won’t be applicable again since this is an inter-branch transfer case.

How safe is my child in school?

Your child is our responsibility, and he/she is completely safe.

  • Right at the gate, when your child enters, we have male and female security guards who pick up the child and ensure they reach the class.
  • We send SMS notifications whether your child is in class or not.
  • The entire school campus is under 360-degree CCTV camera surveillance.
  • We have a pharmacy team, on-call doctor consultation, an infirmary, and an in-house ambulance.
  • All the branches are activated with a fire-protection setup.
  • Our buildings are also prepared to stand against disasters like Earthquakes and Cyclones.
  • We monitor every movement of the child in school. And after the class is over, teachers personally come and drop all the children outside to their parents and ensure that each child has been received by their parents or local registered guardians.
  • Even the kids go to the washroom with caretakers and are not left alone.
  • No unauthorised person will be allowed to pick up kids from school.
What are the admission and tuition fees? Are there any additional charges?

This varies in both branches based on the infrastructure & facilities we provide. You can visit the fees structure page on our website and check out the fees, or you can reach out to our admission team to get the exact fee details of the section you are looking for. The mail id of the Admission Department is, or you can call them at 1800-120-2316 within office hours, i.e. 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

What is the annual percentage hike in the fee structure?

There is a hike of 8-10% in our fees annually. Other facilities follow a similar trend; however, it might vary depending on the prices of factors on which it is dependent. The hike of 8-10% is applicable only when the student is getting promoted to the same class category. Suppose the student gets promoted to a higher class category. In that case, he/she will have to pay the differential fees on the higher category, which will be more than 8-10%, as the base fees on the higher category will be higher than the lower category. We offer separate categories in separate academic wings, i.e., LKG-UKG, I-VIII, IX-X in Day Scholar and LKG-UKG, I-V, VI-X in Day Boarding.

What is the Admission process?

Step-1 You may visit the School Campus or fill out the form online at (Apply Online Section)

Step-2 Once your form is paid and submitted, based on vacancy, the Admission team will reach out to you. (first-come-first-serve basis)

Step-3 If the child gets selected, the child has to complete all documentation (the school will share the list) and pay the admission fees plus caution money (applicable for admissions before the commencement of classes). Quarterly charges will also be applicable if the admission is made post-commencement of classes.

Step-4 Post the payment of fees, and the admission is confirmed. The admission team would then share the details of the uniform vendor, section allotted, books and notebooks required, and other requisite details.

Do we get any regular updates from school?

Yes. The school has its app, ODM Connect, where you get regular updates like attendance of your child, schedule of events, assignments, if any, important achievements, and your child’s performance analysis, and you can also discuss with the mentor. Details like the timetable and all other relevant academic details are also provided through this app.

For any more queries?

Reach out to our admission team through-


Call- 1800-120-2316

Or visit our campus anytime between 10:00 AM-5:00 PM


What Drives Us

Hear from our students and parents as they speak about how ODM has shaped their lives.

Aakashini Behera ODM Student Saying

Aakashini Behera (Student, Class III)

"ODM is a great school to attend. You learn things at this school. It is fun but it’s very strict here. I believe this school provides the best education in the state of Odisha. I sincerely recommend this school to all ."

Aditya Prasad Tripathy ODM Student Saying

Aditya Prasad Tripathy (Student, Class III)

"ODM expects nothing less than the best from each and every student. Teachers are here to teach but at this school they inspire. They are compassionate and caring towards the students. Tutoring and after-school programs are offered to all students."

Ashutosh Mishra ODM Student Saying

Ashutosh Mishra (Student, Class IX)

"At ODM, the teachers always believe in you and they make sure you try your hardest on everything you do. This school also has a lot of fun activities and fun field trips. We go on fun and educational field trips "

Astik Kumar Sarangi ODM Student Saying

Astik Kumar Sarangi (Student, Class III)

"ODM is a great school. The teachers are very qualified and I know they want us to succeed. I can’t stay away from this school. I tried another school for one day (one day!) and I came home and told my mother, “I’m not going back. Take me back to ODM."

Ayush Nayak ODM Student Saying

Ayush Nayak (Student, Class III)

"We do fun activities and we’re all really close. Padhi Sir is the ever-hilarious Language teacher but he is also very serious when it comes to our work. Somnath Sir, my math teacher, is really good at what he does. Whenever I think something is hard, he makes it so easy. "

Ipsita Mishra ODM Student Saying

Ipsita Mishra (Student, Class II)

"ODM is a great school to learn and to become a better student and person. The curriculum here is very precise and challenging. We have science fairs year-round and go on numerous educational and fun field trips. If you listen and follow directions there is no reason why you should not succeed with flying colors."

Manshaa Panda ODM Student Saying

Manshaa Panda (Student, Class XI)

"I really recommend this school to everyone, since that contributed to making me one of the most beautiful experience in my life. All staff members are friendly, professional and always available to help you for everything. Classes are small and teachers are very qualified, kind and fun. "

Naina Priyadarsini Nayak ODM Student Saying

Naina Priyadarsini Nayak (Student, Class IX)

"ODM has a very unique school system that meets every parent’s needs. The after-school activities are something to look forward to and have each individual working hard. The after-school programs are very fun and provide students something to do rather than just doing homework all the time. "

Nandini Das ODM Student Saying

Nandini Das (Student, Class II)

"I have been a student at ODM for three school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order. "

Saniya Khan ODM Student Saying

Saniya Khan (Student, Class IX)

"Loved it. ODM Teachers are very friendly and helping. It’s like a big family. The lessons are very good and the atmosphere between students, too. If i had to choose again, I would choose them."

Nirtika Satpathy ODM Student Saying

Nirtika Satpathy (Student, Class IX)

"I have been studying at ODM for about 8 months. I previously studied in other school and ODM has been extremely different when compared to this first one and even what my friends tell me about their school. They have a great teacher’s team, moreover, the whole staff team care of their students. "

Sai Subhankar Biswal ODM Student Saying

Sai Subhankar Biswal (Student, Class II)

"ODM Public School is a great school! The teachers here are super about encouraging students to do their very best. Viswo Vinita Mam, is my English teacher, is fun and I really like her class. She loves to joke around, but does not play about getting work done. "

Sanat Kumar Nath ODM Student Saying

Sanat Kumar Nath (Student, Class XI)

"I learned really much in this time. I really liked my teachers and learned and understand everything because they also explained everything to me, whenever I had a question. "

Sarthak Kumar Sahoo ODM Student Saying

Sarthak Kumar Sahoo (Student, Class XI)

"I can certainly say that It’s one of the most important tiles of the mosaic called “Academics”. I’ve spent 7 years here and I could see my improvement from the beginning and the cause of this is that they have well-organised qualified teaching staff always willing to help you. The school offers many activities in the afternoon in order to always provide you the opportunity to excel in other activities. "